Catholic Liturgical Calendars / Calendaria Liturgica Catholica
Update 20/11/18
The Calendars of all three Personal Ordinariates are now available. They can be accessed through the province-selecting box that appears when England, Wales, Scotland, Australia or the United States is selected as the 'Region'

Welcome to this website, which generates liturgical calendars of the Roman rite according to their rubrics. The calendar of the Ordinary Form of the Roman rite is available in English for the the years 1970 to 4099, with the propers of 75 countries and 25 religious orders. The program accounts for the particular rules of the proper calendars of England, Wales and the United States, and includes details of the holydays of obligation celebrated in said countries, and also in Spain, Ireland and Scotland.

The calendar of the Extraordinary Form of the rite is also available. Since this older calendar resembles the ones used for centuries before it, outputs generated according to its rubrics are available from 1583, although only from 1960 will results accord precisely with the true calendar used that year. The Extraordinary Form Calendar, like the Ordinary Form one, is also available for years up to and including 4099. The following regional propers are available for the EF calendar: England, Wales, Scotland, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Spain and the United States.

To proceed, please click here for the program. Please note that by accessing the page, you agree that I cannot accept any responsibility for any damages caused by any inaccuracies therein. If you do spot a mistake in the program, or the result for a day is not as you think it should be, please do email me.

The calendars include all the detail necessary for celebration of the Divine Office: whether and at what hours commemorations are to be made, etc.

Salvete. hic situs generat calendaria liturgica Ritus Romanae secundum rubricas suas. praebetur calendarium Romanum generale Novi Ordinis anglice redditum, atque propria calendaria LXXV regionum et XXV ordinum religiosarum. regulae autem calendariis regionalibus propriae non adhibentur nisi pro Anglia, Wallia, et Rebuspublicis Unitis, sed tamen indicitur quando dies festi de praecepto in his terris et in Hispania, Hibernia, Scotiaque celebrentur.

praebetur quoque vetus calendarium, quod cum simile antiquioribus calendariis sit, generari potest in annis ab anno MDLXXXIII, etsi calendarium sic generatum tantum ab anno MCMLIX erit idem, quo Ecclesia revera usa est. propria calendaria Angliae, Walliae, Scotiae, Australiae, Canadae, Novae Zelandiae, Hispaniae, Rerumpublicarumque Unitarum inclusi.

ut procedas, hoc premitote ut paginam arcessas. Notate bene quod pagina petenda accipitis quod nulla damna, quae ex usu paginae resultare possint, accipio. si quem errorem conspicitis, mihi scribete.

haec calendaria omnia, quae ad Divinam Officiam persolvendam requiruntur, continent, necnon id quod ad quaestionem pertinet, utrum et in quibus horis commemorationes celebrandae sint.

The standard output of the program looks like this (on smaller screens, the left-hand 'month' bar appears at the bottom of the page):

There is a special output for handheld devices, which looks like this:

Additionally, a more detailed calendar view is available, which, on full screens, looks like this:

Attempts to print the page in landscape mode produce an attractive one-year calendar. For best results you may need to adjust your 'page setup':

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spero hoc calendarium vobis utile esse. Si aliquotiens eo usi estis, precor quod parvam donationem cogitatis, quae per inferum dari potest. sum pauper Baccalaureus in Artibus (Oxon., in Literis Humanioribus) et Magister in Litteris (St Andr., in Philosophia), qui admissionem ad studia in gradum doctoris philosophiae in Philosophia petere intendo. Omne pecunia per hoc situm recepta libros de philosophia, theologia, historia, linguis et liturgia quam tantuli emam.