Annual printable calendars in PDF format now cost £1 each. Printing this page (to page or to PDF) will produce a sample, but, as you can see, every other entry is blurred. Please email to request the unblurred PDF. You will then be emailed an invoice for £1 from the PayPal account of Calendaria Liturgica.
Have you noticed the loss of LMS Ordo information in the Extraordinary Form calendar? A subscribers' area of the website, in which this information will be available other than for England and Wales, is coming soon. Contact to find out more.

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Key:Clavis: Solemnities and Above Dies Primae classis
Feasts and Sundays not ranked higher Dies Secundae classis
Obligatory Memorials Dies Tertiae classis
Optional Memorials Dies Quartae classis
(Memorials in Restricted Time—Always Optional) Commemorationes
Signa (murem supervolve): N N* R ICHP ICHP* SH IH ‘V’ & ‘D’ Symbols (Rollover): V1 V2 V3 D1 D2 D3
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